When you rent from Florida Transportation Systems, Inc. you are renting from shuttle bus experts.

Florida Transportation Systems, Inc. now offers rental buses from our Tampa and Pompano Beach facilities.

Daily, weekly or monthly rentals available.

Florida Transportation Systems, Inc. has partnered with The Rev Group to bring rental buses to the market so we now have two World Trans buses ready for your rental needs. With World Trans you get buses engineered to be lighter, stronger and safer and will meet all of your needs as they are quieter, durable and more fuel efficient.

World Trans buses come with spacious interiors and maximum window visibility to enhance the passenger experience. With different seating configurations our rental buses can accommodate your needs whether you need a passenger bus with rear luggage space or a bus with a wheelchair lift with space for 2 wheelchairs. So next time you are in the need of a bus because your fleet is short a bus remember we now have rental buses waiting for you.

Customers rent our buses for a variety of different reasons including:

  • Golf Trips

  • Weddings

  • Family Reunions

  • Sporting Tournaments/Events

  • Vacations

  • And More!


In addition to supporting the special events in your lives customers also utilize our rental vehicles when their vehicle is being serviced. With a variety of buses including rear luggage compartments and wheelchair lifts for multiple wheelchair passengers FTS has the rental bus for your needs.

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