Public and private enterprises have been forced to do “more with less” for a number of years and often it is fleet replacement and acquisition that winds up being sacrificed.

While delaying the purchase of new vehicles might sound like a capital reduction, the extra maintenance and service costs of the older equipment can be a bigger, more unpredictable drain on already limited resources. Additionally, through improved efficiencies and technologies, newer equipment may deliver better fuel economy, provide a much needed warranty period to minimize service expenses and reduce emissions with new EPA compliant engines.

Florida Transportation Systems has a portfolio of financing options and sources available for their customers. Public, private, start-up or long established customers have a chance to explore the opportunities of financing or leasing their new and used equipment purchases.

For qualified municipal customers, interest rates are at historic lows, often allowing for the new operational efficiencies and warranty savings to easily offset any interest costs associated with the transaction. Also, through our partners and our own in-house finance company, start-ups without a financial history may still qualify for financing regardless of their time in business.

Your sales consultant is your partner in the purchase process. Let FTS show you just how easy this can be.