Blue Bird Buses

Since 1927, Blue Bird has made children’s safety their business. With more than 85 years experience, modern technology combines with the Blue Bird history of strength, quality and dependability to solve all your transportation needs. The Blue Bird Vision school bus is Blue Bird’s Type C product offering – available with diesel, gasoline, CNG or a propane powered engine, this purpose built conventional bus can provide capacity for up to 77 students. The Blue Bird All American forward and rear engine school buses are Blue Bird’s Type D products – available with diesel or CNG powered engines, these reliable buses can transport up to 84 students.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the bus industry, Girardin and Blue Bird have come together to bring you the Blue Bird Micro Bird, by Girardin. Known for its innovations and industry firsts, Micro Bird specializes in Type A school and commercial buses with capacities ranging from 9 to 30 passengers.

New school buses are also available for purchase by qualified customers through the Florida Department of Education’s contract for buses.