Tell Congress to Include Propane Infrastructure in S. 674


LEGISLATIVE ALERT – Tell Congress to Include Propane Infrastructure in S. 674

Electric and hydrogen infrastructure is receiving preferential treatment in recently introduced legislation – so tell Congress to not play favorites and provide opportunities for all alternative fuels, including propane.

The National Alternative Fuel Corridors program, which was created through the FAST Act in 2015, ordered the Federal Highway Administration to create interstate highway corridors with appropriate signage for alternative fueling stations. The corridors included four alternative fuels: electricity (battery electric vehicles), hydrogen, propane, and natural gas.

Recently, Senator Tom Carper introduced S. 674, the “Clean Corridors Act of 2019.” Among other things, this bill would create grant funding opportunities for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations and hydrogen fueling infrastructure along the designated alternative fuel corridors. But under S. 674, propane would not be eligible for grant funding opportunities.  NPGA believes strongly that all fuels designated under Section 1413 of the FAST Act should qualify. 

Click here to send a message to your Congressional representatives today and tell them that propane and other fuels in the FAST Act are eligible for grant funding opportunities for the installation of alternative fueling infrastructure, including S. 674. Language in the bill is currently being considered, so we need you to send a message TODAY!

If you have any questions, please contact NPGA’s Michael Baker at


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