Volkswagen Settlement Funding Seminar | Lower NOx with Natural Gas

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The Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust was created to address nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution associated with non-compliant diesel vehicles. Each state is allocated a portion of the $2.9 billion trust to make an immediate and tangible impact on air quality by targeting medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, a leading source of air contaminants especially in metropolitan areas. Florida has an opportunity to prioritize its portion of the fund – $166 million – for clean, alternative fuel vehicle projects that focus on maximizing NOx reduction. Natural gas vehicles qualify for this funding and deliver the most cost-effective NOx emissions reductions.

Peoples Gas is hosting a FREE one-day seminar to share information with fleet owners about Florida's VW fund and how compressed natural gas (CNG) can qualify for funding to reduce emissions. CNG also will lower operations and maintenance costs. Seating is limited. Reserve by Jan. 29.

Click the link below to register.